Meet the Team

We are dedicated to delivering tools to help manage myopia

Our Story

Myopia management is a new and rapidly evolving therapeutic area designed to slow down the spread of the condition and reduce the risk of vision loss and blindness. With new treatments emerging, new research to interpret and new clinical challenges to address, clinicians are struggling to get to grips with the demands of myopia control.

We have developed a unique portfolio of tools to help eye care practitioners communicate and explain the rationale and options of myopia management to their patients. Ocumetra provides the answers clinicians need to deliver personalised, adaptive eye care to every myopia patient.

Ocumetra's ambition is to make ocular growth analysis a core component of clinical care for myopia, to make the Ocumetra brand synonymous with comprehensive myopia care and to deliver the clinical tools that every ophthalmic practitioner managing myopia will need.

Meet the Founders

Meet the co-founders, Ian the Ophthalmologist and James the Optometrist, working together on their shared passion for all things myopia. With more than €10 million research funding, over 120 scientific papers published, countless lectures delivered and numerous clinical trials ongoing, understanding myopia and delivering ways to get it under control represents the core focus of their work.


James is a Professor of Optometry and Vision Science with over 20 years of clinical, academic, research and management experience. His primary clinical interests are in paediatrics and ocular disease. He is founder and Director of the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), a research facility at Technological University Dublin dedicated to providing state of the art solutions for blindness prevention.

James Loughman PhD

Co-Founder / Optometrist


Ian is a paediatric ophthalmologist who has been involved with myopia research for over two decades. As well as clinical research, much of his work has been in computational and mathematical approaches to eye growth. He is the principal investigator on the multiple clinical trials currently being run at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland.

Ian Flitcroft D.Phil FRCOphth

Co-Founder / Ophthalmologist

Meet the Team


Kate is a medical doctor who has been working in ophthalmic research in Ireland and internationally for the past 10 years. Kate has been with Ocumetra since its inception and is involved in all aspects of product design & operations. Outside the office you will find Kate walking in town with her dog Cashew or designing her next gallery wall.

Kate Loskutova, MBBS, PhD

Director of Operations


Patrick is a full stack developer with previous experience in the healthcare sector who loves a challenge. He is working on developing the tools to effectively communicate technical data simply and in a language that everyone can understand.

Patrick Quirke

Full-Stack developer


Alexandru is a software engineer with experience in multiple languages (Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, C) and proficiency in Cloud technologies and solutions. Recent Computer Science graduate from TUD (1.1) and currently working on developing a full and self managed application for gathering and visualizing data as a full-stack developer. He also has experience in database administration, data modeling and data warehousing and has other technical skills such as knowledge of computer hardware, security and machine learning.

Alexandru Constantin Cardas

Data Scientist & Software Engineer


Remi is a front-end developer. He ensures the implementation of UI while proposing technical solutions for a user-friendly interface of the Ocumetra’s tools.

Remi Chapuis

Front-end developer


Gareth is a clinical research adviser with Ocumetra providing advice and technical assistance on the development of clinical data analytic tools.

Gareth Lingham

Clinical Research Consultant


Noor is a bioinformatician with a background in Computer Sciences. She has worked on multiple interdisciplinary projects during her Marie Curie fellowship.

Noor Kherreh

Data Scientist


Experienced, enthusiastic and capable professional with expertise in branding, graphics, digital and web design across multiple areas.

Niko Tarka

Graphic Designer


Davoud is a data scientist with a background in Computer Science. He is currently working on developing data-driven models to predict the progression of different vision conditions such as myopia.

Davoud Shariat Panah

Data Scientist


Kristen is an allied health professional with over 6 years of research experience with a primary focus on patient safety. She ensures Ocumetra’s compliance with internal policies, international standards, and country-specific regulatory requirements.

Kristen Lynch

Regulatory Affairs Officer